• Warning: Spoilers
    there might be spoilers ahead. the show sucks.

    if it weren't for David Walton there would be no reason to watch.

    Minnie driver playing a saggy-nag-hag shrew of a hippie-dippie single mother. Benjamin stockham as a yet another nerdy, flaming pre-gay, fake asperger syndrome freakazoid. pussy-whipped hipster best friend with an awful see you next Tuesday of a wife. who are these people? they're not even archetypes, let alone resemblances of off-kilter funny folk based in any reality.

    give it the big skip-o-Rama. except to watch David Walton. anybody know if he's got a sex tape being leaked?

    and that theme song. can somebody please kill that guy before he 'drops' a 6th album (or do folkariffic singer-songwriters 'drop' albums? maybe they carefully nurture them in their man-wombs, and let them suckle at the teat of creativity, until they slowly drift off into the world of their own accord?)