• Warning: Spoilers
    The Wizard of Oz was my all time favorite movie when I was younger! After giving this movie a fresh look, after not watching it for a few years, I still noticed that there were those few parts that I absolutely loved! I think the special effects in this movie are great! I loveeeed when I was younger, and still do, the color changing horse! I also liked the entrances/exits of the Wicked Witch with the smoke/fire! Another great special effect is in the very beginning when the tornado hits and the lady is riding by on her bike, and as she passes the window, she gradually gets closer to it; at the closest point she turns into a witch. I love the fact that Dorothy's uncles in the beginning are the same characters or representative of the same characters as she finds down the yellow brick road (scare crow, tin man, and the lion). I also like the whole general meaning of the movie. I think that it is a great children movie because of this. It teaches you that you have to look within yourself to find the parts of you that you are missing; you can't just expect someone to give it to you. Overall, I love this movie!!!!!!!!!