• Warning: Spoilers
    Having read Alex da Silva's comments on Marjorie Fielding's accent, I watched the film again and find that they just don't apply: she really does not say 'heppening' nor 'ectually', which was the way idle rich, aristocrats and royalty spoke. Her accent goes with the educated lower middle-class which the family is supposed to be. Charles Williams' music contributes to much of the film's charm. Otherwise, there isn't much excitement or intrigue and yet I keep going back to it. If you go onto the Pathé website you can find a short clip of the film being made in Hungerford in September 1945, with glimpses of the actors relaxing. I recommend Barbara White in 'It Happened One Sunday' where she does a very good Irish accent. I'm hoping to find 'While the Sun Shines' where she takes the lead in the 1947 film adaptation of the Rattigan comedy play, but it seems to be unobtainable at present.