• 17 November 2014
    Warning: Spoilers
    That was 2 hours of my life I will never get back

    Brad Pitt and the Director should of done some research on German weapons and battle tactics before making this film

    3 Sherman's and Mr Pitts Firefly line abreast attacking German positions that are dug in and camouflaged with not 1 but 2 anti-tank guns that would of been at least Pak 40's that could penetrate 5.2 inches of Armour at a 90 degree angle at 1640ft they would have shot holes through that attack but alas no one can aim

    An advance through a town and once again an anti-tank crew where no one has been trained to aim and Mr Pitt lives again

    The scene where they battle with the Tiger tank is just stupid. They would of identified Mr Pitt in his Firefly and took it out straight away as this was German tactics of the day because they knew that the firefly was the threat to them not the standard Sherman

    Which brings me to the last battle scene What a load of RUBBISH 99% of the Waffen SS were the premier troops of the German armed forces of world war 2 They might have lost a few when they came down the road but they would of soon flanked this broken down tank and shot holes in it. Remember these troops learned there ways on the eastern front against hordes of t-34's and kv-1's they would of known how to deal with a broken down Sherman in the middle of a road

    As for the two stick grenades into the tank to finish of what the worst sniper in German history could not do well I'm just going to say this they would of needed a vacuum cleaner to pick that lot up if it was depicted right

    Brad if you are thinking of doing another WW2 movie go and talk to Mr Spielberg and he will show you how to get it right because it does not even stand up to Saving Private Ryan