• Chow Yun-Fat might be best known as the gun-totting Mark Gor in the "A Better Tomorrow" movie series in Hong Kong, or Captain Sao Feng in Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End and Master Li Mu Bai in Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon to Western audiences. Despite his reputation as an iconic action star, Chow has stated in has done lots of comedy in Hong Kong and this film is a great example. He plays Chow Chen-fat who falls in love with two women, Sally and Joey (played by Sally Yeh and Joey Wang) and, not preferring one over the other, decides to marry both without the other one knowing. So, with the help of his friend Chi Hung (Waise Lee), he goes through great lengths to spend time with both women.

    It is extremely hilarious seeing Chow's tactics and facial expressions as he essentially tries to be at two places (his two homes for each of his wives) at the same time, waking in the middle of the night to go to his other house, eating two dinners cooked for him by his wives, trying to make it to two dates, etc. With some light slapstick humor and physical comedy, you'll great one entertaining moment after the other in this fast-paced film. You'll be intrigued to find out how Chow will worm his way through this double relationship, especially when both Sally and Joey later meet each other!

    You will also love all the great acting and character developments and the charming musical number in the middle of the movie - sung by Chow, Sally and Joey. It's a must-see Hong Kong comedy!

    Grade A