• Warning: Spoilers
    Most of us can't even begin to imagine what this girl, Amanda-Sue "Mandy" Bradley went through, but this movie follows the last three years of her tragic and crazy life working as a teenage stripper to survive, while under the thumb of her new adult boyfriend (more like pimp), Billie Canton.

    At the age of thirteen, Mandy is living in a low-class trailer park, and most of her neighbors, especially Mickey, are respectable and caring people nonetheless. Inside Mandy's trailer though is a clueless, self-centered mother who leaves Mandy with her stepfather, Harvey. Harvey is a disgusting, drunken redneck and also a pedophile who rapes Mandy repeatedly until she marries her boyfriend (still at the age of thirteen!) and he quickly leaves her to join the army, leaving her to realize that her parents have run off and left her behind. With no place left to go, Mandy ends up meeting Billie, who gives her powerful drugs and signs her up to work as an underage stripper. As her life goes on, her sanity diminishes until one day the unthinkable happens.

    Now, at the age of fifteen, Mandy is about to go on trial for murder, facing death by asphyxiation (chemical gas), and only her compassionate lawyer, Buddy, can try to help defend her case as he learns more about the abuse she suffered at the hands of those she trusted.

    Too Young to Die? is an incredibly sad movie, and an insight to the death penalty and justice system when it comes to children. Here in Canada there is no death penalty, the maximum sentence is life in prison, so watching this movie was very surprising to me, although it is almost twenty five years old so the laws have probably changed since the times when teenagers could be gassed to death (at least I hope so). The soundtrack was great, the acting was very good and it's a movie that everyone should watch at least once.