• Warning: Spoilers
    I guess one thing this movie is really good at is getting people to just roll with whatever happens. Well, it's also beautifully shot and well-paced. But if you are intent on watching 'Gone Girl', I dare you to stay critical. Think logical. Because if you do, the plot is almost insultingly bad.

    Plot: (spoilers)

    Woman fakes her own murder and tries to frame her cheating, violent husband for it (a divorce wouldn't do?). In the movie you're presented with the framing plot around the 1-hour mark (or far earlier if you see it coming). So what happens for the rest of the movie? A train- wreck, is what.

    -The GOAL was to have her husband killed. As soon as she loses ALL of her runaway money (what was her plan once her husband was jailed, anyway?), she flees to her obsessive, creepy high-school sweetheart (who, mind you, was already similarly framed once before). Once he turns possessive (who'd have thought!), she KILLS him rather than try to flee, and manages to drive home, fully blood-clad, without alerting anyone along the way. Home, to the husband she wanted dead... right?

    -Upon arriving, she gives the police a terribly contrived story where she explains to have been kidnapped and raped day after day (doesn't really match with the security footage) until she (mercilessly!) killed her alleged captor. What she says hardly makes sense (interrupted several times by the one investigator who still has a brain), yet she is simply sent home. Still covered in blood. Yes, really.

    -There appears to be no further investigation in the past scheme of framing her husband: the countless credit card purchases stored in the shed, the diary which was conveniently left only slightly burned, the POOL OF BLOOD which was cleaned up in the original murder story (her kidnapper did all that??). The other ex-boyfriend who she had charged with statutory rape, surely he could help prove her extremely manipulative and utterly insane behavior?

    -Despite all this, there is apparently "no way" to come up with any concrete evidence of her crimes. No, we're not even given a remotely satisfying conclusion to this mess of a story. SURPRISE: his sperm from the fertility clinic was somehow stopped by his wife from being destroyed (even though she wanted to kill him the entire time?) and she manages to get pregnant with it (without him, her husband, being alerted of this at all).

    And then the credits roll, and I'm left thinking "how come so many people actually like this movie".