• Perhaps the fact that filmmaker Bob Augustus has so few credits during his career explains the success of EROTIC RADIO WSEX -instead of cranking out hundreds of videos he made just a handful of feature films, and the care shows. It's not great, but is an entertaining, well- crafted adult movie.

    Title must have changed before release, as characters repeatedly refer to their radio station as WXXX. Credits display a copyright date of 1984 for this shot on film item.

    Herschel Savage stars and gives a confident, assured performance that indicates he might have had a mainstream movie career if the casting gods (and less prejudice against a porn resume) had allowed. He's an arrogant DJ at a small-town station making the most of the liberal policy of sexy verbal programming.

    Issue comes to a head early as guest star Kay Parker appears as a "sexicologist" on his show discussing masturbation, when her patter turns to oohs & aaahs being broadcast as Savage goes down on her. Station manager Bill Margold (overacting miserably as usual, here in a non-sex assignment) gets in a tizzy, but a high-powered potential cosmetics advertiser lady saves Savage's job for him.

    Convincing script revolves around a trio of married couples who listen to the station, the wives at home in bed and the hard-hat hubbies on a transistor radio at work. Their marital foibles are the gist of the storyline and actually interesting enough to hold the viewer's attention between the inevitable doling out of XXX sex scenes.

    Casting is slightly offbeat, with sexy young things of the moment doing well: Desiree Lane and Rene Summers among the 3 principals and Bunny Bleu as a source of infidelity for one of the hubbies, Scott Irish. Final lead femme is an OK turn by Tanya Lawson, who didn't achieve stardom. Opposite Irish are Ron Jeremy and Woody Long. Many guest stars show up besides Parker, including Becky Savage as the cosmetics queen, Drea and an oddly-cast Randy West in a bit role as a way overage pool boy (!) servicing Lane in a fantasy sequence.