• Truly a performance and director based movie. Fred Carpenter is one of the best independent filmmakers in the country. He is a veteran in the industry that has helped launch the careers of many successful actors and producers. You stay involved for the larger than life performance from the captivating Armand Asante. I was extremely pleased and thoroughly entertained with this movie.

    It almost has a Goodfellas-esque feel. The most impressive part of this film is Fred Carptenters storytelling. He deals very tactfully with the issues of the darker side of the police department. overlapping story's big and small that end up being effected by the main one. He deals with a large array of interconnected moral dilemmas that come together to form a great film.

    Truly one of the best movies I've ever seen. Oh and Steve Sage really stands out as being very scary!

    Go see Charlie Mantle! You won't regret it!