• Warning: Spoilers
    It's hard for me to begin describing Chris Bores without my mind immediately wanting to resort to profanities, but I will make sure I refrain from doing so here.

    Well anyway, what is there to say about the Irate Gamer that hasn't already been said? Everyone's already pointed out that he's a blatant ripoff of the Angry Video Game Nerd, his jokes are terrible, the information in his videos is often inaccurate, and he cannot play a video game for his life.

    What ESPECIALLY bothered me was his most recent Irate Gamer episode.

    *Possible slight spoiler warning here*

    About 20 seconds under the 7 minute mark, there is a scene where random people are cheering, but underneath that you can distinctly hear "*explicit* YOU AVGN!" being shouted in the background. The fact that Chris is willing to stoop this low and bash James Rolfe, a truly talented, genuine and inspirational filmmaker, is just beyond insane. No civilized person with a clear conscience will resort to this behavior, and any respect I could have POSSIBLY mustered for Chris is now completely non-existent.

    So having said that, is there any redeemable qualities in his videos? Well, the special effects are okay, but that's really it. His quality of work has shown no signs of progress over the years, as far as I could tell. While James Rolfe has matured over the years and proved himself as an experienced mind with special effects and cinematography, Chris Bores' videos have the same production quality since he first started.