• Like a number of latter-day Caballero DVD reissues, CAMPUS CUTIES is rendered difficult to sit through due to an extreme echo-chamber effect applied to its soundtrack. Purpose of that gimmick is unknown to me, but it's a problem unless you like to watch XXX with the mute button applied.

    It's another tale of barely legal gals Nikki Charm, Taija Rae and for a mixed-combo angle Mauvais De Noir getting humped by their peers (invevitably Tom Byron) as well as older guys like the dean of the school. Corniest segment has Byron setting up a CC surveillance system for peeping in the girls' dorm room - this has become a staple in porn as well as the American PIE inspired mainstream comedies.

    Video is well-shot and Nikki is great to look at as usual. Rick Savage cast here has got to be the oldest movie college student ever.