• I think I picked her with her participation as a model for the studio Kissmegirl. She was the best partner here because she was the only one to really enjoy and look for sucking tongues. I also noticed her as she is under the halo from a Spanish friend but as this girl is rather unstable and crazy, well, I see a bit Lexi like that too. With the time, I come to appreciate her as she has fantastic natural curves and thus doesn't look like a balloon. I liked also her character to be nasty and dominant, which is surprising as she appears small and soft. But, particularly when she does lesbian, she really enjoys to be active whoever her partner is and she does what she wants of her. Maybe that explains why she put often a strap-on, another great fantasy of mine!

    Unfortunately, this video is hugely disappointing. It's not a movie but a sort of sexual biography as Lexi speaks about her life, then does a strip, then have sex with different partners. If it happens in a sunny Californian mansion, they have sex most of the time in a small sofa that is the worst place for that (no width!). As for the scenes, the directing is awful: it's a hand held camera that zooms in then zooms out and after a while, all scenes look the same! She hasn't a lot of chemistry with her partners and as it's really raw I have the feeling to watch Olympics games! As for her first anal, it's not a benchmark as Lexi really does too much about it vocally! So it's three long hours that failed to be enjoyable!