• Warning: Spoilers
    As far as i'm concerned nothing will ever live up to this show. I found myself watching two episodes late at night and was slightly confused on the first episode and slightly more intrigued in the second, so i went to sleep and the next night i watched another three episodes. I planed to go to sleep after the third episode and upon finishing it my exact words were "welp looks like i'm not sleeping at all" i never slept that night and watched the next 15 episodes in one sitting. Thats how into this show i got, its spectacular in every aspect. Twists and left turns that your just like OMG i can't believe how great this is!!! I can almost guarantee every person that watches this will absolutely love it and it will become an instant #1 favorite. It reminded me a lot of a mix between "Death Note" & "Future Diary", it just keeps you guessing and freaking out all the way to the end. This should be at the top of any "plan to watch" lists you have, trust me all the hype and praise this series has has earned it through and through. Note: I've also seen the special(just episode 25) but I've yet to see the sequel movie at the time of writing this.

    5/5 Why? Its just so perfectly put together from start to finish, an absolute masterpiece there's no better words other than this. Character design is great, the music & sound effects are great. You can cut the tension with a knife in so many scenes, you really just get completely submerged into this world its like your right there in it. You'd be a down right idiot to not give this a try, what every you do don't drop it before episode 5.