• Warning: Spoilers
    Til Schweiger's "Keinohrhasen" was a massive commercial success in Germany, so of course id did not take too long till they came up with a second movie. The central characters are just like in the first Til Schweiger, Matthias Schweighöfer and Nora Tschirner.

    I thought the film started very weak with humor on great breast size and farting in people's faces, but as it went on, it got better. It never reached the level of the first movie, but all in all it's a decent outcome. There is some male-female discussion about shoes which reminded me of Loriot the way it was written. In the first film, Jürgen Vogel played himself in a cameo and here in this movie, Heiner Lauterbach and Uwe Ochsenknecht, two of Germany's most known actors over 55 play small, but funny roles.

    While the first film was about Schweiger's and Tschirner's characters getting together, this film is about struggles they are facing during everyday life, especially as former partners of them enter the picture. Then there is a sub-plot with Schweighöfer's character which walked the fine line between funny and cringeworthy and occasionally even crossed it for worse. The ending of this 2-hour-film was one of its weaknesses in my opinion. First of all, the fact that they sleep with their exes at exactly the same time felt weird to me and the harmonic ending seemed just rushed in and included for the sake of it. It was extremely cheesy.

    There is lots of music in this one, but the only kinda memorable song for me was "This Is The Life" by Amy McDonald. It was not as successful as the first, but still became the 6th most lucrative film at the box office in 2009 and number 2 if you only count German films. As a whole, I recommend "Zweiohrküken" (chicken with two ears) to people who enjoyed "Keinohrhasen" ("rabbits with no ears"). Just like its prequel, it was written and directed by Anika Decker (who has the same name like the central character) and Schweiger himself, who also directed it again. We'll see if they ever make a third one. If they do, i just hope the decrease in quality won't continue. The only thing better than the first is that Alwara Höfels (one of the biggest weaknesses of "Keinohrhasen") is pretty much nonexistent in this sequel.