• Warning: Spoilers
    I loved Atlantis: The Lost Empire. It wasn't Disney best Movie ever made but it's Handdrawn (and part CG) Animation was stunning, I would call it Disney best looking Animated Movie. It's Characters were more mature and darker and so was it's Story. That's why it's one of my favorite Disney Movies. Atlantis - Milo's Return takes everything we liked about the first Movie and smashes it. The Animation is awful, the Characters are Parodies of themselves and the Story is so lazy written it's unbelievable. The first thing we see is Queen Kida flying over a Sea of Magma, in which Animals are Swimming. There are Animals SWIMMING in MAGMA, 100 Seconds into this and the Movie already lost me. And it didn't get uphill from there. The Team from the first Movie visits Milo and Kida, to ask them for help dealing with a Sea Monster called the Kraken. So our Heroes travel to Norway to slay the Kraken and about 20 Minutes later they Win. And that Point you realize instead of one long Story they crammed three Incredible Bad Stories into this. It feels More like a Pilot for an Atlantis: The Lost Empire TV-Show, a bad TV-Show. The other annoying Part is the Characters. They got almost everything about those Characters wrong, as if they did't see the first movie. Vinnie for instance, he was the funniest Character in the first movie. I liked his dry sense of Humor and some great lines like:"But, nobody got hurt. Well, maybe somebody got hurt, but nobody we knew." He's not nearly as funny now. You can see they tried to target the Younger Kids with this. To me this Movie was was just a massive waste of Time, Money and Electricity. 70 Minutes of my life i'll never get back.