• Warning: Spoilers
    I have a daughter the same age of Mari Liz (Roxana Zal) and I can't even imagine what I'd do if something bad were to happen to her. The scene where the young girl asks the mother what is making love is one of saddest scene I ever saw.

    I was 25 when the movie was released and I perfectly knew that my town, like hundred of other Western towns were possible targets. I was born when Cold War was very cold and the fear for WW II was still in the air. And actual bombs were still in our ground.

    But IMHO in this movie nuclear war is a metaphor. Almost nothing related to the bombing is really seen on the screen, but a blinding light for some seconds. No sound, nothing. This movie is far away from "The Day After": this film is hopeless.

    There is no after! People die, even if they do it in a gentle way. The subject of the movie is what does people leave after dying. What people lose dying.

    Anyway I think I had killed myself much earlier, after the death of the little kid: I would not be able to resist as did the protagonist of the film