• Initial entry (it bears a 2009 copyright and production date) in this ongoing May/December romance series is quite effective due to offbeat casting. A limited current talent pool (of performers who can both act and do naturalistic explicit sex) has made more recent entries all blur together.

    An important icon of these videos as well as lesbian erotica takes the starring role, Magdalene St. Michaels. She's having trouble coping with her son Johnny Castle planning to go to Harvard Law School, leaving her with an empty nest. Her best friend Rayveness is smitten with the 22-year-old and inevitably they get it on in the final of four sweaty segments.

    Meanwhile Johnny has meaningful sex with his beautiful girl friend Kiera King, who is getting on his nerves with her too schematic plans for their future life together. Magdelene is serviced by her dutiful husband (Randy Spears, in perhaps the most nurturing role I've ever seen the usually tough/gruff guy take).

    Strangest sex scene is a flashback when Johnny's basketball buddy Mr. Pete recalls the sexual highlight of his life - an afternoon tryst with Deauxma. This romantic scene is partially shot in a sun room against a backdrop of greenery and is a prime example of why Sweet Sinner's XXX videos are potentially appealing to women. Deauxma is a legendary lesbian icon, but here quite appealing in essentially a latter-day Candy Samples assignment.

    Johnny ultimately decides against Harvard (though the authentic looking acceptance letter printed on Harvard stationery looks mighty tempting in closeup) to live his own life, after tasting the sweet favors of Rayveness (looking fine if overdoing the porn-speak during her sex throes). Given that the characters in these soap operas use their stage names, I concluded that Johnny became a porn actor instead of a lawyer.