• Warning: Spoilers
    This is an anime that I include on my few of "must-watch." Not only is it really beautiful animation-wise (I would say is nothing out of the ordinary, but on some details it excels). The plot of this anime is beyond words. It has an air of seriousness and playfulness. Jokes are high quality. Each character is on point and even though they might result cliché up to certain points, this is not the main aim of this anime. Yes, in some parts it lacks, but it's up to taste. I feel that it gets its message through and does it really well.

    This anime is something you must watch first and re-watch for a first time, too. It's plot can be described as a maze and a fortune cookie because you don't know where you could hit a dead end or simply you don't know what you could get out of it.

    Watch it!