• This is not the worst remake in film history. I have never understood the idea of a remake at all. If an anime, like "Cinderella Monogatarie", is so good to start with why on earth do you want to try and improve on it? If you insist on tampering with perfection, why then do you have to try to recreate it in it's whole? There is nothing original here. Kenneth Branagh put nothing of himself into this film.

    They say imitation is the highest form of flattery, but this is ridiculous. There are a lot of sides to a parable as complex as Cindarella, and I suspect that Branagh may have wanted to explore them. Instead the studio forced him into sticking to a cheap live-action imitation of the popular anime.

    In the end, Kenneth Branagh set out to pay homage to a great anime. Instead he cheapened it, and created a movie that is not worthy of late night cable.