• This documentary focuses exclusively on the 1976 Formula 1 championship which resulted in a single-point margin of victory. Along the way the various controversies and Lauda's famous crash are discussed. Much of the documentary consists of old footage--some of which (particularly the crash) is in rather sad and grainy shape. This is to be expected. Additionally, a variety of folks are interviewed to tell this mildly interesting story.

    "Hunt vs Lauda" is a very good documentary. However, with the film "Rush" coming out the same year and covering the same ground you have to decide which to see...or perhaps both. Which you pick might just depend on what you're looking for in a film. If you want concise and brief, this documentary is best. If you want a dramatization of the story and want more details (as well as Chris Hemsworth's butt), then you'd pick the big box office version. Either way, they essentially talk about the same things.