• Warning: Spoilers
    In the pilot, prescription: murder, I am pretty sure he is smoking a premium brand cigar.I looked at the bands on the cigars in his jacket pocket. They look like a brand I have smoked. Also, he did have two different cars. One had a light convertible top and the other one had a dark convertible top. Also, just one more thing, he carried his cigars in a beat up metal tin. You can see it from time to time in some episodes. If you are really good you can tell he had a different dog in different episodes. This is easy. Look at the dog's coloring. Also, even though he basically wore the same clothes they did change from time to time. In some episodes he wears a white shirt in other episodes he wears a non white shirt. His tie also changes. You can tell the color is not always brown and the prints on this ties are different. You have to look very closely. Especially regarding the cigar bands and the ties. I am 57. I have been watching the show since it first premiered on TV. I have watched and re-watched the episodes over and over. I have also watched mystery films just as long and read mysteries the same amount of time.