• This is a ghost story starring Anita Mui as Fleur, who falls in love with Chan Chen-Pang (Leslie Cheung), heir to a chain of pharmacies. After agreeing to a suicide pact, Fleur's ghost appears in modern day Hong Kong, in search of her lost love.

    This movie captures a mysterious and eerie atmosphere, spelling out the tragic yet hopeful ghost of Fleur, and the suspenseful search of the missing Pang. It keeps you on your toes as you wonder if the two kinship spirits will reunite, and the haunting flavor of the ghostly plot will keep you captivated. The cinematography captures the beauty of 1930s Hong Kong and the visual effects were great in capturing the ghostly atmosphere. The acting, though, was a little wooden and the story was a little too dreary and depressing - a lack of action and spirit.

    Overall, though, it's a pretty good ghost movie and stands out in Hong Kong Cinema.

    Grade B-