• 16 April 2015
    A show about a middle aged teacher who decides on a career change in male prostitution.

    Really? They offer that in community college? I swear HBO (and Showtime and the rest) have a play book tucked away somewhere for their writers. Most of whom likely have an IQ under 10. One book is for stupid plot outlines. The other is the standard manual for shooting the endless nudity and sex scenes.

    Once again we have an HBO soft core sex scene (or two) of the week series. And they really--really--expect normal educated viewers to buy into this ridiculous junk? Thomas Jane is naked so much I'd mail him 50 cents to keep his clothes on for awhile. Why do actors assume that they are so hot we simply must see them over and over and over again. I can now tell you what the next sex scene shot will be before you see it, it's so predictable. HBO cranks this stuff out like cheap fast food hamburger and it has just about as much appeal. Who can seriously suggest this fluff is "brilliant?" In an interview Mr. Jane comments (crowing) that he has been naked more often on the set with cast and crew than at home with his wife. I wonder if she considers that a blessing or a curse. Anyway, everyone has to be good at something and if this is Jane's best...well, it beats actually working.