• Warning: Spoilers
    Yesterday I turned off Arrow, Season 3 episode 20, before finishing it. I couldn't bear it any more. The horrible storyline has no end. What could have been such a good show, has been ruined by extremely bad writing, which also in turn makes the actors look bad. The story is so unbelievably stupid, and I don't get why it can attract so many viewers each week. The first season of arrow was quite alright. The 2nd started to introduce some strange sh*t, which didn't really make sense, and it was like they were already running out of ideas (But at least they killed of Sarah, which was a horrible character). This 3rd season has just been nothing short of a nightmare. They are just ruining the show, and I wouldn't be surprised if it gets canned. This Rha's al Ghul bullsh*t, has been going on for far too long. Also, How can they keep going back to that sh*tty Island, it's beyond me. And please, why does every person in the show needs to be a vigilante and a master kung fu fighter?

    The only reason to watch this show, is if you like watching the flash, and you don't wanna miss any character progression. If you like these kind of shows, go watch the new Daredevil series. Really good story, Excellent acting and master-level fighting scenes.