• Warning: Spoilers
    One More Train to Rob (1971) starts out a bit dull, on the average side. It is slow-going and the direction is really not motivated. I really didn't think it would amount to anything, and it doesn't, still, it is barely above average and will get you to the end. What helps it along is the acting of the actors, reliables like George Peppard, Soon-Tek Oh (Missing in Action 2 (1985)), John Vernon (Animal House (1978 )), Diana Muldaur, etc. They aren't that good and the script is nothing to goggle over, but still, seeing familiar acting faces helps.

    Hal Needham (frequent collaborator with Burt Reynolds) is in it.

    George Peppard plays a train bandit who gets caught and sent to prison. He comes back to find his old crew has changed and wants to get rid of him. Some absurd action scenes ensue and then it ends.

    In all, it is rather mild and not very engaging, but it's something to see on a rainy night.