• When I started working for the NYS Crime Victims Board and occasionally had to send for autopsy reports I'm afraid it soured me on this series. Jack Klugman was far more dedicated to his job and to doing the job of the police than any coroner I ever dealt with. In fact on a personal level I had a sister who died at 34 and an autopsy was ordered as it naturally would be. The report we eventually got some nine months later gave a clinical analysis of the corpse and certain tests, but came to zero conclusions about how my sister died. Now maybe Jack Klugman would have found out on the show, but I ran into no Klugmans in my professional or personal life.

    But Quincy would always go an extra few miles with his trusted assistant Robert Ito until he was proved right. Of course he always was. Klugman also had to deal with his supervisor John S. Ragin who had a lot of corpses to be disposed of and little time for the individual attention Klugman gave those cases we saw.

    But if Klugman had problems with Ragin there were nothing compared to those he had with detectives Garry Walberg and Joseph Roman who naturally resented him doing their jobs. The resentments never lasted long though.

    My favorite parts of the show were always in their hangout where Klugman got together with Ito, Walberg, Ragin, and Roman at Danny's, a nice cozy little piano bar with good food, good drinks, and good company. In fact my favorite character in the show was Val Bisoglio as your genial host Danny. It was nice to see that the conflicts during the show never came into Danny's. It looked like such a great place to hang out.

    But if you think medical examiners are as dedicated as Quincy you will be sadly disillusioned as I was.