• Will Freeman (David Walton) is a carefree womanizer living off of the royalties of his one hit song. Weird new-age Fiona (Minnie Driver) and her odd son Marcus move in next door and turn Will's life upside down. Will forms a tight bond with Marcus despite his misgivings. Fiona is horrified at first but grows to see the good in their relationship. Will's best friend Andy (Al Madrigal) is married to bossy lawyer Laurie.

    'About a Boy' is a very good movie but it means nothing for a TV adaptation. The story is reasonably set up for a TV sitcom as long as the actors are good. I like all three actors and I love their chemistry. I don't always love Al Madrigal but he's more like a side character. The kid is adorably dorky and Walton is fun. Minnie Driver is a no-brainer. I love the chemistry especially between Walton and the kid.