• Warning: Spoilers
    I'm writing this review because the five morons who previously wrote reviews of it evidentially don't know what a found footage film is. A found footage film requires all the participants to have died or disappeared and for the footage to have been discovered later ostensibly by someone not involved in it's filming. This film is presented by surviving members of the party. Therefore this is a mockumentary not a found footage film.

    To the film.

    I found the special effects to be of varying quality. I'll assume I'm not spoiling anything be saying this is a dinosaur film. Especially since they have a picture of one emblazoned on the title page here.

    I found the first few views of the dinosaurs to be questionable. I'm not sure if the were digital or practical effects but the didn't seem especially real to me. As the film went on however the effects seemed to get better. The dinosaurs began looking more realistic. I guess it's a case of on the job training for their creator.

    As for the script and story. As seems de rigueur for this type of film, there is a certain level of tension and hostility towards one another from the various members of the expedition. When adversity strikes the group they seem to overcome this and work together.

    The film follows formula in that the dinosaur(s) finally attack the group and start picking off the members of expedition. No surprise there.

    The acting is okay. How many ways are there to play we've discovered dinosaurs aren't extinct, they're trying to eat us and I'm scared out of my mind?

    I'm sure no one will be shocked that it's fairly obvious that this film was not filmed in the Amazon. It's a UK production so I'll assume rural UK but it looked a lot like the rural northeast of America where I grew up. Doesn't matter where, it's just obviously not the Amazon. They try to give a exotic feeling with the inclusion of more tropical animals like spiders, scorpions and snakes and a crocodile which doesn't really help.

    If you're like me and enjoy dinosaur films, watch this. It's not a bad film and it's frankly a fun way to spend the evening while you wait for high budget films in the Jurassic franchise to be released. It's not quite as good as The Dinosaur Project. It's a bit better than Area 407 and much better than the rest of the straight to video dinosaur films I've seen.