• The short is bookended by lovely titles with a saw rolling across, gorgeous. Any comedy short is only as good as its set pieces, so I break them up thusly:

    * The car, with its special radio, is great and reminds me of a story I heard about John Lennon who apparently had a record player in his fancy car, but you can only use it when you're stopped for a picnic for example, not while you're driving.

    * The sawmill, with wood everywhere you walk. Belly laughs.

    * The boys fight quite a bit, in the way the Three Stooges became famous for later.

    * The window. Goes a bit long.

    * The chute. Incredible.

    * Sawing a (something) in half. Brilliant. This gag: 10/10

    A great first short to see from my new 21-disc set.