• I found this movie without a box in a 50 cent bin. It turned out to be an old porno but I let it play out anyway.

    It actually has a lot in common with those late 70s early 80s sex comedies. It's no porkys for sure but they do a lot with the what I'm sure was absolutely no budget at all. It's shot like an 80s sitcom. Not much style to it but competent. It has a lot of character development I'll give it that. Al, Sam, daisy, the cranky old couple...how many pornos have remember-able characters? It's not laugh out loud hilarious more like smile and a nod or corny jokes, but it was enjoyable. The running gag with the Spanish maid gets old quick.

    The 2 best scenes are when the devil shows up and the search for Mr weasel, a handpuppeted weirdo.