• Warning: Spoilers
    This is the worst UFO series ever! Offers zero evidence for any of the cases shown. There's a reason Mufon have these cases ... Because they are terrible cases with zero evidence I mean there are cases they tell you about where the witness says they came back every day for weeks or months or "they watched it for hours" and have these elaborate stories in which individually should technically be the biggest UFO cases of all time with the way they exaggerate the stories ... AND YOU DIDN'T EVEN ATTEMPT TO TAKE A PICTURE OR VIDEO ? You could go home call a friend or take a nap have dinner watch a film and still have time to get evidence ... the reason there's no evidence is because its bull !

    Any case that is worth its salt would never be given to mufon ... because only cases with actual evidence would be of interest to real investigating government organisations ... there's a reason these aren't classified and are thrown as a bone ... ZERO evidence .. so instead you have to listen to the ramblings of eccentric fools who don't have the brain cell to take evidence and are a tin foil hat away from trying to contact ET