• Warning: Spoilers
    Fierce Fist was made in 1976 and released in March of 1977 Starring Yueh Hua (as Sher Lee Chan), Chia Ling (as Shiu Chow), Lo Lieh (as Ku Shun), Terry Hu Yin-Meng (as Su Ling Lung) and Got Siu-Bo (as a deaf mute).

    The Story gets a bit twisted throughout the film and you find yourself putting the pieces together or waiting for parts to come together.

    We start out seeing Sher Lee Chan and Shiu Chow for a brief moment in the woods, then we flash to a scene taking place in a restaurant where a secret message is being exchanged. Some thugs witness the exchange and beat the men, trying to intercept the message. This is when Shiu Chow shows up, interferes and beats up the thugs. The man that holds the secret message (is dying) asks Shiu to deliver it for him.

    We meet Su Ling and find that every man is infatuated with her beauty and would do anything to have her. Later Su Ling is traveling in a wagon that's attacked by thugs that want to kidnap her, thats when Sher Lee shows up, kicks ass, saves her and delivers her home safely. This is when we meet Ku Shun, only to find out that he's an abusive husband, blames Sher Lee for having an affair with his wife, wont listen to reason and proceeds to beat and abuse her.

    Word spreads and now everybody thinks that Sher is a womanizer, even his girl Shiu Chow and hell... even his own family. This movie is loaded with abuse, neglect and I don't think I've ever seen so much jealousy before in one place. Sure... eventually we get back to the secret message and even the boss that uses a golden pumpkin as a weapon.

    The film is a bit twisted but it's loaded with good scenery and lots of good fights so it's actually quite enjoyable.