• I'm sorry, but as a gay man, I found this really, really bad. I mean, it's offensive, it's so bad. I feel sorry for anyone--especially inexperienced or young gay guys--who thinks that there's anything authentic about any of this.

    It's fakey. The dialog is not only trite, it's boring. When it tries to be funny, it's cringe-making. But when the dialog is dealing with love, commitment, or just trying to show how two gay guys talk together, it's just fake. It's too writer-ish. People just don't talk that way.

    And that's one of the big problems with this kind of movie. It's people *talking* about life. It's not a movie that *shows* people living a life. And if you've got a dialog-driven movie, you better have A+++ dialog or why bother?

    It's not that this movie doesn't depict situations that gay guys deal with, it does. It's just doing it really, really badly.