• This film tells the story of the leader of a rescue team in California, who fights against the formidable forces of nature to save his family from an earthquake of an unprecedented scale.

    Right from the very first scene, the film has got me holding my breath, eyes wide open and my palms sweating like mad. That is just the beginning, and the intensity is unbelievably maintained throughout the film. While watching it, I could not believe how realistic the disaster scenes are, to the point that it brought tears to my eyes. It looks so real that it is as if I was watching the news.

    For most films, you would have seen the best bits in the trailer. For "San Andreas", every scene is trailer worthy. They did not even put the most devastating, jaw dropping and spine tingling scenes in the trailer. The depiction of massive destruction, or total annihilation of urban areas is very realistic, constantly bombarding the senses and pushing emotions to sky high. I can honestly say this is the best disaster film I have ever seen.