• Warning: Spoilers
    Never has a film inspired me so much to come on-line and write a review. An absolute garbage film

    Not sure if this is a spoiler alert but trust me nothing could spoil this film - just in case... spoiler alert!!!

    Clearly a rip off from 28 days later but thats OK... The zombie genre is saturated now and its hard to be original - I'm actually OK with a little plagerism and remakes but people puuulease

    The script was appalling. The acting even worse. None of the characters were any way likable...in fact I was rooting for the Zombies. After 5 mins...and had I been the lead character would have gladly gone back out onto the street to meet my demise rather than spend a minute with these other "characters". Seriously bad acting... like jaw droppingly "are these people getting paid for this bad!"

    Look I could go on and on because it was so poor. I can't honestly believe it made it into a DVD and the filmmakers were actually happy to release this abomination. Did they not watch it back?

    All I want to do is for those who are going to the DVD shop and see the cover "British Horror at its best"... warn you - put it back on the shelf and run away. Time would be better spent cutting your hair with a cheese grator than watching this garbage

    I rarely turn off a film but after an hour - an hour of my life wasted - I turned it off and aghast at really how bad this could be.

    Don't watch it - you have been warned!