• I guess cynics would just lump BAT BITCH and its quickie sequel into the huge Black Hole of current porn parodies, but it is genuinely crummy in its own right. Budgeted at about $1.98, it's aimed at that segment of the audience that will laugh at anything.

    Make or break factor to both features in this series is the dominant presence of Randy Spears, managing to be deadpan yet ham it up unmercifully in his own interpretation of the tough guy (Bogey) noir protagonist. Using tons of voice-over and dialog that would make the TV commercial guy Captain Obvious puke, Spears is meant to be amusing by being relentlessly overbearing. His act wears thin in a couple of minutes -imagine it stretched to the 145 minutes of this combined 2-fer.

    Our tough guy reporter Johnny Deadline is involved in a caper featuring the beautiful Russian spy Anastasia (Lauren Brice, best thing in the movie) and dubious Sen. Blowhard (wooden as usual Eric Price, whose presence merely makes one wonder, where's Paula Price?).

    In the opening scene Bat Bitch (unimpressive starlet Jacqueline) shows up in her mask & superhero costume and humps Price on a mattress conveniently sitting on the ground outside. Spears is determined to find out her secret identity.

    While Anastasia phones Russia, Spears visits a librarian Naomi Simpson, of course she's Bat Bitch's alter ego. Anastasia has a lesbian sex scene with the senator's blonde wife (Alex Storm), while Spears hides and watches them. She's still searching for secret documents from the senator.

    Anastasia visits the librarian seeking info; Naomi just happens to be Spears' next door neighbor. Next Anastasia seduces Spears on an outdoor mattress, and after his cum shot, our intrepid reporter heads to Naomi's house to have some of her delectable chocolate chip cookies.

    Though it was already quite obvious to the viewer, she strips now and dons her cheap superhero outfit to reveal herself as Bat Bitch. Spears finds Anastasia and Bat Bitch at an auto body shop, and he humps BB on a conveniently located bedding on the floor, keeping his '40s style reporter's hat on throughout. Anastasia goes to the senator's house and has a threesome with Price and wife Alex. Spears heads back to Naomi's house, convinced he's got his big story.

    Turns out Alex the senator's wife was a CIA agent. A cute nude shot of Anastasia standing beside a huge satellite dish to hook up and call Russia is a brief bright spot in the video, followed by her planting a bomb on Naomi's car. A real narrator (not Spears this time) chimes in at this point for a cliffhanger: "To be continued..."

    Pretty lame and almost as bad as the similarly cheap videos Joe Sarno was churning out on the East Coast during this fallow period of porn.