• This is Sci-Fi Jim, But not as we know it.

    This is well produced and looks a bit dark and dystopian and almost kind of appropriately located (I am guessing Canadian filming locations)- But not quite off world.

    The young but already world weary, British, sexy, female lead boss of a corporate funded bounty hunter service, in a futuristic but recognizable 'user pays' universe promises an almost novel premise (Except for Domino- British/LA bounty hunter from present times).

    Her 2 sexy male sibling assistants make up the rest of the dynamic team. But their clean cut Canadian good looks and TV star macrobiotic lifestyles overshadow any sense of method that might bring something believably human to the mix.

    There is an edgy slow reveal hidden back-story emerging for the woman and unsurprisingly for the other characters too. But so what? I don't think the 'starlets' have the chops to bring it off in the long run.

    The predictable futuristic sounds of the laser weaponry pings in this fast action scripted TV drama as the shootout opportunities are chucked into the script like so many ionic grenades to spice up this less than riveting offering. Trite is one way to put it. Boring and unbelievable is another. Instead of good interesting actors, they picked pretty actors. Its a case of style over substance.

    It just doesn't work. its dull, its deceased, no more, gone to that fiery hell where bad TV goes to die - sad sci-fi nerd mythical 'could a been legend' status one presumes.

    Most of us understand that science fiction done well, is the retelling of classic stories in a novel way to capture the interest of the viewers. In this case, they picked a crappy old TV bounty hunter show and added sci-fi styling.