• Warning: Spoilers
    Here we have another short film by prolific German horror movie maker Jörg Buttgereit. He was only 20 when he made this and yet he still had quite a body of work under his belt. Here he references some of his own movies from the past, some Godzilla and some rape porn with the help of a wiener. I was actually tempted to give this a 4/10, but with the last scenes it just got too amateurish and trashy for my taste, also pretty offensive. Buttgereit appears occasionally as some kind of fairytale uncle and introduces us to the next scenes. There is some gore in here, some special effects and some horror in general. The only good thing about is that it never takes itself seriously. And yet I cannot approve of this film, because the production values are so low and everything in here looks so amateurish. Not recommended at all.