• Cowboy Star Allan "Rocky" Lane seems Uncomfortable Without a Horse and is at the Receiving End of One of the Stiffest Screen Kisses You're likely to see. Every so Often He Flashes an "Aw-Shucks" Smile and then the Movie returns to Dead Serious.

    It's a Lively Pre-War Caution about a Merchant Ship Sailing into the Water of a Fictional Country (that is never named), a Hybrid of Italy-Spain-Germany.

    "You call that concentration camp over there a Country?", the Captain Asks. Rocky States..."This isn't a Country it's a prison.", to Linda Hays, the Pretty Songbird/Rebel that is Helping Him out.

    This is an Interesting Movie in Hindsight. It Moves quickly and there is a lot of Action and Interaction, Gunplay, Fisticuffs, Chases, and Intrigue throughout its narely One Hour Running Time. It has a "Casablanca" Ending.

    Overall, an Above Average, totally Forgotten B-Movie but RKO manages some Good Photography, Blistering Pacing, and a Suspenseful Story. One does Notice, however, this is a Good Example why Allan "Rocky" Lane Rarely Got Off His Horse and/or Rode Into another Genre.