• Warning: Spoilers
    This movie was recommended to me by a friend who was trying to 'convert' me and get me to like Bollywood movies. Now I am not saying I dislike all Bollywood movies but I do need certain things when watching a movie: Good acting, a strong ORIGINAL plot and a decent storyline. Ek Villain has none of these.

    The lead actress is so irritating from the second she shows up on the screen that you actually enjoy the scene when she is murdered and wouldn't mind watching it again & again. SHE CANNOT ACT! The lead actor seems promising....for the first 3 minutes. However you quickly realise how terrible he is when he cannot change his expression at all. In terms of acting, the only award should go to the serial killer's wife - she played the nagging wife role really well and the viewer was able to see how she has emasculated her husband.

    The storyline is so appalling, not just because it is a blatant rip- off of Korean thriller "I Saw the Devil" but because it is such a poor imitation. As viewers we are already expected to believe that the hero can beat up 100 men in one go and is somewhat immortal, but for me I really lost interest when we see the actress cured of cancer without a single session of chemo. Who is this amazing and miraculous doctor and why is she not out there curing cancer for everyone everywhere and sharing her miracle??? And I also didn't know that Indians have the ability to go deep-sea diving without oxygen tanks! Apparently there are some gill-like tendencies that are inherited by Indians that I really wish I had. Perhaps we are all living in the wrong place and need to move to India where they have cancer curing doctors and magical underwater, unlimited oxygen supplies?

    To sum up; terrible movie, atrocious acting, hilarious goofs but really nice songs. Go buy the CD and save yourself 3 hours!