• Warning: Spoilers
    Somerset Maughn always seemed to have as his trademark the idea of bitter, mean people who don't care who they hurt. We saw this in Mildred, as the cocktail waitress, in "Of Human Bondage," and her male counterpart could be George Sanders in this film.

    Narrated by Herbert Marshall, who also co-stars, it details the life of a stockbroker who gives everything up to paint. After a while, his wife becomes indifferent after he leaves her and their children.

    Another theme of Maughan is played out here when again we see kindness paid by cruelty and ultimate tragedy.

    As a Tahitian matchmaker, Florence Bates looked absolutely ridiculous here.

    This is the ultimate story of an indifferent man finding ultimate happiness after causing misery to so many, then only to find tragedy ending that happiness.