• Warning: Spoilers
    Went to see "Ant-Man" the other day. I have no idea how it is getting its 4 star rating, the 79% Rotten Tomatoes rating seems about right to me. So I guess you either love it or you hate it.

    Me well I only wish I had gone to see Terminator for the 4th time instead. I felt is was a waist of an opportunity.

    Way too much time was spent on explaining "Ant-Man" and no enough time was spent on action. And as for the Science well while it might be possible to shrink someone by reducing the space between their molecules. If you make anything larger it would tend to have the effect of turning a solid into a gas. (Wait to the near the end of the movie see what I mean).

    The Ant man suite itself turns out to be a very flexible thing it can either be warn by Michael Dogulas aka Dr Hank Pym or Paul Rudd, Scott Lang or his Daughter Evangeline Lilly yes one size Ant-Man suite really does fit all? I only wish my clothing was as flexible as this suite.

    I could go on but I will stop there. I would suggest go see it for yourself see what you think but only once Terminator is no longer on in your cinema and if you do not have any children with you that might get easily bored. All if you do decided to go see it do not leave until the very last of the credits have finished or you could quite possibly miss the best thing about this movie. And I do mean the very end of the credits not half way though.