• Warning: Spoilers
    . . . in one of three interesting quirks from the 1960s Bugs Bunny "Merrie Melodies" animated short titled DR. DEVIL AND MR. HARE. When Bugs, as a German shrink (the second of an eventual four different medical guises assumed here by the wily rabbit), closes up shop at 5 p.m. and "mails" the Tasmanian Devil in his attaché case, the Devil eventually explodes out of the large metal postal receptacle seconds later covered with travel stickers for leading WWII Losers Germany, Japan, and Italy, along with their notable collaborators Spain, Paris (representing Vichy, France), and "Don't-fly-over-us-to-bomb-Hitler" Sweden. Secondly, this Bugs of the 1960s already was Politically Correct enough to know that it would insult those with I.Q.'s of less than 40 to tag someone such as Forrest Gump as a "moron." To avoid such a Faux Paw, the resourceful rabbit refers to the Tasmanian Devil as "what a maroon." Finally, in a somewhat lame final sequence, Bugs' fourth medical get-up of this story turns out to be a surgeon's green scrubs, as he operates on Dr. Frankenstein's monster (who seems to be more of a scary, clanking metal robot than a corpse patchwork). Dr. Bugs refers to it as "Frankie," applying the creator's name to Dr. F.'s creation (a common error).