• WCW World Championship Wrestling and their show Monday Nitro took on the WWF World Wrestling Federation and their show Monday Night Raw.

    The battle that was later would become known as The Monday Night War. Where WCW Monday Nitro and WWF Monday Night Raw went head to head on Monday nights to see would reign supreme in the world of Wrestling.

    Without question this was the greatest era of pro wrestling when you had two companies going head to head and given you the best they could to keep you watching.

    While I'll be honest I was loyal to the WWF during the war but I did see WCW Nitro from time to time.

    Nitro feature some of the best matches in the history of pro wrestling and also feature moments that has left a impact on Wrestling fans.

    Nitro was the kind of wrestling show where you had to tune in to see what would happen because what Nitro did was go live every week to compete with WWF.

    During the war both sides would bring everything and everyone they could to try and win the night. WCW feature many great wrestlers like Diamond Dallas Page, Goldberg, Booker T, Sting, the NWO, Ric Flair, many more that help made WCW a champion in the ratings

    Whenever you tune into Nitro it was going to be something you'll never forget because even today fans will talk about all the matches from Nitro that WCW gave to the fans matches that are rank as some of the best in pro wrestling history.

    When you can find a collection of WCW Nitro footage and watch to see how well WCW did to take on the WWF .