• Warning: Spoilers
    This film was just plain terrible. This was actually the first film that I saw that had Paul Rudd in it. Besides that fact, being that I've enjoyed most other Marvel films, I decided to give Ant-Man a try. This, film, however, was simply not good. Once the film was finished, I actually walked out of the theater somewhat happy knowing that I used a free ticket that I got through my theater's rewards program to go see it. Otherwise, I would've regretted even spending money on it. As a superhero, Ant-Man seems to be one of the weakest links in the Marvel superhero chain, as his only special ability is to shrink to the size of an ant while confusing his enemies of his presence at the same time. Not much of a superpower, if you ask me.

    My biggest gripe with this film was that there was WAY too much forced comedy in it. Michael Pena had to be the most annoying person in this film, with his constant carrying on about almost everything, aiming to be funny when in reality, it's just annoying. Quite a few of Paul Rudd's jokes in the film seemed to fall flat, too. The story plot seemed incredibly slow, too, aiming to focus on more of the main character's relationship with his ex-wife and family than anything else. Just when things couldn't get any worse, the biggest head scratcher in the film seemed to be an unnecessary cameo from Falcon, who seemed terribly out of place. The fight with Yellowjacket was lame, too, as it didn't even seem to last that long.

    One thing I will mention, though, is how well they managed to make Michael Douglas look about 30 years younger in the beginning of the film. So whoever was in charge there, well done! Moreover, perhaps the funniest part of the film is when an ant is super-sized and was seen walking out of Lang's house. Not only that, but when Lang's daughter Cassie had her toy train (Thomas the Tank Engine) super-sized and then came crashing out of the house onto a police car...that in itself was also moderately amusing. Aside from that, this film wasn't anything to ride home about, and I can only hope that Marvel realizes that by not making a sequel to this...EVER. I'll take The Avengers and Captain America film series over this film any day.