• The title of the review speaks for itself.

    At this point the Found Film Footage genre is getting tired and old, only because these writers and directors aren't giving us anything we haven't seen already. They think that with the same scares, same annoying actors and same shaky camera with a whole new entity or monster will be a good idea. Wrong.

    There was nothing interesting about this film, except they thought it was a good idea. The special effects seem cheesy, but something tells me that's what they were going for, but it didn't work even if that were the case. Once again the characters were unlikable and that seems to be a recurring theme since The Blair Witch Project.

    You would think that a movie based upon the most popular creepypasta, Slenderman, would be a good thing. Unfortunately, you would be wrong.

    The film seems it would be good to those of a younger age, which this film is not targeted with, with it's R rating. The film could have easily been a PG-13. It might be good for a watch if your high, but I wouldn't recommend it regardless.