• In this excruciating episode, a man has just died and left his land and his old gold mine to a kin that lives in Scotland. Laird of Killkrailie is the man that has come from the uplands of Scotland to stake his claim to his kin's land. And Laird comes with all the props. From a phonograph that plays unbearable bagpipe music to the genuine Scottish garb, this man brings everything but the kitchen sink.

    The plot of the story centers around an American kinfolk, Alex MacDazey, and his scheme to get the mine. It seems that a new vein of gold has just been discovered and he wants the mine to himself. If Alex can run off Laird then he can have the property and the mining rights. It will take the help of the entire gang to help the Scottish man out and get his rightful property.

    The idea behind the story was not bad but the application of a Scottish man entering late 1800 American west seemed out of place. But it does not stop there. In one of the most embarrassing scenes in the entire series, the Scottish man performs an athletic event called the 'Caber Toss' to save Judge Wiley from possible death. The scene was meant to be serious but played more like a comedy as the man threw a tall piece of wood some thirty meters to explode some loose leaf dynamite. Any interest in the show was lost.

    I have not seen all the episodes in the collection but I hope that this is the low point of the series. It cannot get much worse.