• This British porn feature boasts a huge cast of busty beauties, so many in fact that the credits couldn't keep up with them -different credits on the DVD packaging vs. what appears on the screen. End result is just too, too much, an exercise in excess that reminded me of those desultory orgy films that early pornographers thought were just the thing, but turned out to be deadly dull compared to an intense one-on-one sex scene.

    Amy Azurra, as she's billed here, is a bombastic big-buster given the showcase treatment, appearing in scene after scene. Besides the extreme fakeness of her frontal globes, one has an aureola about twice the size of the other; this asymmetry is airbrushed away quite nicely on the memorable DVD cover photo of her.

    There's no director credit (for good reason) as the girls have various pointless vignettes that do involve dialog, spoken with a variety of thick British (and regional) accents but utterly pointless. With goofy costumes, the net effect is one of spectacle, not eroticism, and most fans have gravitated toward big, Natural tits, since this was made. In the fake category, one of my favorites, Michelle Thorne, is not displayed to good advantage.

    Brazzers fans may be amused to see a young Kieran Lee, with decidedly different hairdo, thrown into the mix.