• Let's forget for the moment that this an absurd chick flick with a preposterous plot. I might have given it a 4 or 5. But it is yet one more in the endless stream of mediocre movies shot in Canada and financed with Canadian tax breaks that is set in the United States. Why do we not have the GUTS to produce Canadian movies set in Canada????. This film was shot in Ottawa. Why was it not also SET there??? But no... The bad guy, make that bad girl, is from Kansas City. The victim's wife gets a job in New York City. Her husband goes off to a meeting in Chicago. The television station against which much of the inane plot revolves has American call letters. Cars have US license plates.(Not sure which state but they sure were not Ontario plates!)It is insulting, demeaning, cowardly, unpatriotic and stupid! I have no problem with American film companies coming up here and using Toronto as a stand in for Detroit. (That actually happened!) I don't even mind it when a Canadian film company does work for an American studio. But producing "Canadian" movies which keep their Canadian roots hidden puts us slightly below Botswana in the ranking of film producing nations. Is there any other nation on earth so cinematically gutless that it does this? I don't know how anyone involved, from the actors to the honey wagon driver, can take the least pride in their work. (Incidentally guys, you failed to conceal two dead giveaway Canadian clues. The words "Caribbean" and "schedule" are pronounced the Canadian way.)