• Let's be clear about what this movie is not: It's not intended to appeal to a wide diverse audience spanning across all age-brackets whereby a family might all harmoniously view together, it won't be released to a Red Carpet opening lit up by hordes of media cameras, or a film intended to garner critical acclaim for an Oscars run.

    No, on the contrary it's a very realistic portrayal of the criminal element plaguing our cities today. Surprisingly, the script was written by Curtis "50 Cent" Jackson and one would be hard-pressed to mock his effort here as the movie simply "works" for its intended purpose, namely, to illustrate the very difficult environment cities face like Detroit which is depicted in this film.

    Bottom line, if you are a "man-cave" like guy, interested in the dynamic that is the gun-running underground-world and or just looking for a drama that speaks to many of the troubling different variables that add up to today's beleaguered urban America, then this film is one to definitely check out.